As someone who has been on the mindful eating path for years, and who has completed years of study and training in psychology, psychotherapy, and spirituality, I offer a diverse range of services to guide you in your exploration of your eating and your self.

I offer highly individualized services, as no person’s journey through these issues is exactly the same as another’s. These services include:

  • Free Consultation
  • Guided Eating Meditations
  • Exploratory/Inquiry Sessions: 1-hour or 30-minutes long via Skype
  • Email Inquiries/Check-ins
  • Unscheduled consultations

A description of each of these services is below.

These different types of sessions provide an opportunity for you to examine your relationship with food with a supportive guide who is on the same path with you. If you find the perspectives and insights offered on this blog valuable, please email me at We will start where you are right now, and go from there together.

A FREE CONSULTATION is offered to anyone interested in working with me. This can take place on Skype or on the phone, and may last up to 25 minutes. We will discuss what you are looking and hoping for in working with me, where you are right now in terms of your relationship with food, and, if we agree to work together, what the format of our work together will be.

Again, please email me at to set up your free consultation, or always to contact me with any other comments or questions.

While you have probably heard of and even tried meditation before, you may not be familiar with the idea of an “eating meditation.” A basic meditation essentially involves focusing your attention on one thing, such as your breathing, in order for you to experience yourself as you are when you are not lost in thoughts. It’s a way to slow down, to do one thing at a time, and to savor experience itself – to be as fully in the moment as possible.

The value of doing an “eating meditation” for someone who has a history of food and eating problems is that you actually experience the act of eating in a calm, focused manner, in contrast with the usual frantic, distracted, or emotionally charged way of eating.

Practicing eating meditation is an excellent habit to develop, but it can be extremely helpful to have support and guidance initially.

This is why I offer Guided Eating Meditations, and offer a wide variety of options to fit your needs and schedule.


  • 1-Week Intensive Immersion: 5 lunch or dinner meditations, offered any 5 consecutive days of the week
  • 1-Day Intensive Immersion: 1 full day including 3 meal meditations and 2 between-meal support sessions, offered any day of the week
  • Ongoing: Eating meditations once per week
  • Customized: Create an individualized schedule with me based on our consultation.

The crux of the process of healing your eating is turning loving attention towards yourself.
We use the vehicle of eating, but what’s really going on is that you’re changing how you relate to yourself, to your daily experience.
You developed issues with eating, weight, and body image for excellent reasons. They provided an alternative to what you perceived to be even more painful suffering, at one point long ago.
As you try to lead yourself towards living more healthfully and kindly towards yourself, the reasons you haven’t been living that way are going to come up.
While what I offer IS NOT the same as clinical psychotherapy, it is a guided exploration of the issues that underlie your ongoing struggle with food.
We will operate much as I do on this blog: We will look at your current experience and struggles, and sit together, dig around together, to find the vulnerability and truths that lie beneath.
You can only spin your wheels in the mud of your mind alone for so long.
This is support for learning how to explore yourself gently instead of react or run away.


  • 1-hour and 30-minute long sessions via Skype.

While engaging in my own personal psychotherapy, I often found that I wished I could just provide a quick update, or bring up an issue without going too much into it, instead of forgetting by the next session, or wasting time in the session just to get up to speed.
Many of us have email access at all times now, and that’s why I provide this option, for those who want some extra support throughout the week.
After our initial consultation, we can figure out together what might be the most helpful frequency of supplementary emailing outside of sessions.
You may want to email a summary of how a particular meal went for you one day, you may want to write up a little reflection on something in a session we had together that sunk in a few days after.. We will work out what options you’d like to have available for communicating about the process a bit more via email.

Where the rubber hits the road in this process is the moments in which you struggle over whether and what you should eat, regardless of your physical hunger. As you engage deeply in the process, you will increasingly find the courage to eat in tune with your natural hunger – and – to face the intense anxiety that may arise when you try to do so.

Imagine yourself at a special occasion, or, finding yourself in the midst of struggle right after you thought you had everything worked out for the moment. Perhaps there’s simply extra stress in your family at a particular time.

I provide the option of “unscheduled consultation” so that if you find yourself in a moment where you feel you would benefit from reaching out for support – that you may be able to get through the moment without increasing your suffering with food, if you could just calm down a bit – that you’ll be able to get that support.

I cannot promise that I’ll be able to answer your call. However, if we agree to include unscheduled consultations to our work format together, I will make every effort to speak with you for 5-15 minutes at an unscheduled time, in order to help you through those difficult moments.

It is very important to me that anyone who wants to work with me be able to. At the same time, of course I must ensure that I can support myself and my life. The pricing I’ve set up takes these two factors into account.

Pricing for exploratory/inquiry sessions is $30 for half-hour sessions and $60 for 1-hour sessions.
Pricing for individual eating mediation sessions is $40 per session.

Any combination packages, including plans including email or unscheduled support, will be individually priced depending on what format we decide on. Limited sliding scale slots are also available.

Please contact me at to arrange your initial free consultation, during which we will talk about and decide upon pricing.

Most of our work will take place over Skype, a FREE service that enables “face-to-face” video chat.
Please visit for more information, and to download the free Skype application. You need only create a username, and we’ll be able to connect for free.
I find the face-to-face aspect very helpful in cultivating our working relationship, and thus prefer Skype. However, if you would prefer to use voice-only phone (which you may also use Skype for), that is another option.

I accept all payments through the well-known, safest method of online payment on the internet, PayPal. Please visit for more information.

I can assist with setting up Skype or PayPal over the phone as well if necessary.

Thank you very much for reviewing my current offerings. I hope that you may be inspired to begin working with your relationship with food, and look forward to guiding you in your journey if you do choose to work with me. Remember, a free consultation of up to 25 minutes is available to anyone, to talk about your relationship with food and the kind of help that would best serve you. Please contact me at

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