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Stretch Yourself

Stretch Yourself
Stretch Yourself

Today I didn’t feel like really exercising. Not a rare occasion. But – I was willing to do some deep stretching. I haven’t stretched for more than a few minutes in months. So having finally done it again today, I just wanted to suggest that you give yourself the intimate experience of a great stretch!

I’ve only done about 3 “real” yoga sessions in my life.. But I understand the basic philosophy of connecting and being with your body and breath. After today, it seems to me that deep stretching can produce many of the same effects as yoga, without having to go to a class or learn any forms.

You can’t go wrong with stretching.. as they would say with yoga, too, it’s only you facing your own experience, your own limits and how much further you do or do not want to go.

If you have great trouble accepting and feeling your body, as I do, I think stretching is a loving way to come back into your body a bit. Whatever mobility level you have, whatever flexibility, you go at your own pace and you wake your body up as much as you can. Find those places aching to be moved and activated.

Of course, you can take this approach with the rest of your life, too: Gently explore all areas.. give special attention to those that are calling out for movement, for challenge, for healing. There’s no doing it wrong, you are the only one who can feel out which parts of life need to be lived out in a certain way for YOUR life. Your body.

Your senses, your heart; they guide you in your movements if you listen – and if you’re willing to lean into it – it feels SO GOOD afterwards! The reward is inhabiting your body, inhabiting your life. Feeling the flexibility and energy to move as your whole self through whatever comes.

Stretch today! If it’s impossible, tomorrow at the latest! Go for at least 15 minutes.. An hour if you really want to be intimate and talk with your body.

Feel yourself, feel what’s real, feel what’s there for you.