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Letter to Yourself

Letter to Yourself
Letter to Yourself

Write a letter to yourself as if you were your own dear child. As if you were responsible for your heart as you would be for your sweet child’s heart. Read it in a time of compulsion, a time of despair.

You can use this for now if it serves you:

Dear Me,

What you want is possible.
What you want is to live your deepest truth.
What is that right now?
What do you feel?
No one can take that from you –
It’s already, and always there, your experience – real and true as reality and truth get.
You have support as long as you have your breath.
You don’t need a Love bigger than your own. Your own love is your own deepest truth, deepest reality –
There’s no going deeper than that.


Take good care of yourself.
– Judy