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Write Thank You Letters

Write Thank You Letters
Write Thank You Letters

This is a great exercise that will quickly open up your heart.
Think of someone you are presently feeling grateful to, or someone you are having fond thoughts of at the moment. If someone doesn’t immediately come to mind, think about earlier today and yesterday and find something that served as a pick-me-up, and who might have been responsible for it.
You can use a friend, relative, stranger, someone alive or dead for this exercise. The purpose is not really to shower someone else with praise, rather it is for you to feel your own loving heart flowing.
Once you’ve chosen the recipient of the letter, write a thank you letter! There’s no real guidelines here, just spend at least 5 minutes on it and see where it goes. Here’s some examples:

  • Writing a short card thanking someone for a specific action
  • Leaving a post-it note with a positive message
  • Write a long letter to the author of a book that deeply affected you
  • Write a letter to the leaders of a favorite organization
  • Write a letter to someone saying how much you admire them
  • Post on someone’s wall or send a Facebook message to give a quick appreciation
  • Make a thank you cake! :D

Obviously get as creative as you’d like, but the point is, to feel the happiness of acknowledging something you’ve been given. Not to mention you will probably cause someone to smile and feel appreciated. But again, even if you don’t send the letter or if the recipient is no longer alive or unidentified (Dear-The-Person-Who-Invented-Glitter), the purpose is for you to acknowledge and feel what you already have, what you love.