If We Were All Supermodels

If We Were All Supermodels
If We Were All Supermodels

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of being someone who “everyone” loves, who “everyone” approves of, who “everyone” finds sexy. On an intellectual level we know this is impossible, but on the emotional and psychological levels, the part of us that needs love is susceptible to this type of fantasy.

Once in a while it can be amusing and/or enlightening to blend some sort of thin fantasy with realistic human values. For example, let’s say we abide by a principle of fairness, and grant that everyone deserves to be considered super-sexy. We’ll use the images that our sick culture feeds us to define sexyness for the moment, since so many of us get caught in a war trying to match these images. So, we imagine every single woman very thin, perfect hair, etc.; every man tall, ripped, etc.

When I first imagined this, I had the thought, hehheh, everyone would just go nuts in the streets. Everyone would be attracted to each other constantly. Thinking past that aspect, I imagined everyone being included at every party, everyone being given what they wanted, everyone taking tons of pictures of themselves.

These are just my own reactions based on silliness combined with certain beliefs I always linked with being thin or “hot.” You might find it useful to explore your own ideas about how it would play out. If you’ve never done a “thin fantasy” before, the point is to discover what you may subconsciously believe is attached to having a thin body.

But in this case, imagining what would happen if we were all supermodels, I find that after the initial upheaval, we’d all be left with the same situation of being human beings sharing a world with each other. What would happen when someone really got pissed off? How many times could that happen with someone having the, “Aw, but she’s so cute though, I’ll forget it,” response, before they snap?? What would happen when someone got killed in a car crash? The supermodel family members would have utterly broken hearts. What about pollution and the economy? Supermodel government officials and many supermodel citizens would still be struggling to implement solutions.

When you put the focus on your body aside – ideally through healing your relationship with it, and also through thought experiments such as this – you realize that much more important than what you look like, is the fact that you are a human soul who found herself alive in this world. And every day, no matter what’s up with your body, you’re still left with the task of living. Exploring yourself, learning how to relate to others, navigating feelings, and yes, buying clothes and eating. Dealing with the fact of poverty in the world. Dealing with family issues. Dancing and working and trudging through psychological issues and hanging out and zoning out and all of it!

So… If you find yourself getting too caught up in the endless “what-ifs” of being soooooo hot… or “just thin,” or even “just my natural weight!!!!!!”… Remember, you’re kinda distracting yourself from all your life that needs to be lived.


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  1. There’s a short story by Kurt Vonnegut called “Harrison Bergeron” where the government tries to level the playing field by chaining weights to strong people to make them as weak as the weakest person… and putting masks on pretty people to make them look the same as the ugliest person… they put devices on intelligent people to affect their ability to think.

    Despite this seemingly level playing field people still recognize the differences in people and strive for other things.

    My point in mentioning this story is that even if we were all supermodels some of us would still have the same emotional baggage that makes us desire to be supermodels in today’s society (which you sort of alluded to)… making it an equal playing field visually doesn’t really solve the problem

    • Wonderful analogy =) I appreciate you sharing that story, I’d like to check it out. Indeed, focusing on this-or-that external issue takes our attention from the emotional issues that lie beneath. Thank you for your comment!

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