Children Full of Life

Children Full of Life
Children Full of Life

The following links direct you to a 40-minute-or-so documentary called “Children Full of Life.”
This video is a beautiful illustration of how human beings can be close to themselves and one another, allowing for the full range of emotions and differences. Acknowledging, sharing, and releasing suffering, rather than burying it and running from it. And ending up together in love.

Part 1 (9:45)
Part 2 (8:02)
Part 3 (9:46)
Part 4 (6:39)
Part 5 (5:54)

May we all be children full of life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It moved me a lot, can’t stop crying. Thanks a lot. Keep the good work, I really like your blog too, very helpfull. :)


    • Annie,
      I am so happy to hear this video touched you the way it touched me too :)
      And thrilled that you find the blog helpful. It’s great fuel for the fire to keep it going! Thank you very much for leaving your response here.
      Take care,

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