An Important Time to Support BEDA!

An Important Time to Support BEDA!
An Important Time to Support BEDA!

There is still time to make a donation on this day, “Give to the Max Day,” a 24-hour window during which non-profits compete to earn monetary awards to support their work. Those who receive the highest number of donations, as well as those that receive the highest amount of money receive additional funds for their organizations.

I’m writing to ask you to consider donating to BEDA, the Binge Eating Disorder Association, because they do work that is particularly vital as Binge Eating Disorder is only at the very, very beginning of being recognized as a separate, diagnosable eating disorder. This is a time when many people, including those who suffer with the disorder, their families, their treatment teams, and the general public are going to need education and resources.

If you don’t have time today to donate through the Give 2 the Max program, please consider donating through the BEDA website ( at a later time.

Thanks so much in advance for supporting an organization that is helping to support all of us who’ve suffered with our relationship to food in this particular way.

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